Tony Blair believes Gordon Brown is “mad, bad and dangerous”

The relationship between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown has become so hostile, that Blair said he was “mad, bad, dangerous and without oversight” and that Brown behaved during negotiations as a “mafia”, revealed Peter Mandelson in his memoirs.

Aggressive and brutal, it would be characterized Gordon Brown by Tony Blair

Labour politician Peter Mandelson describes how to break the relationship between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown in the third part of his memoirs entitled “The Third Man”, it shows how, with the government team members hatched plans, including “Operation Teddy Bear” to divide into two Treasury, in order to weaken his position in relation with Blair Brown.

Blair agreed to resign in favor of Brown in a meeting with John Prescott, Blair’s deputy at the time, according to Mandelson. He is quoted saying that even Prescott is “afraid” of Brown. “He knows that there is something wrong with him,” Blair had said that he would have described Brown as “devoid of perspective and hit a paranoia about it-themselves”, reported.

In early 2005, when Blair had breached a promise not to lead the Labour Party in the general election, Mandelson argues that Brown came to him and asked him to specify the date of departure. “Feels like a mobster. It is aggressive, brutal … Gordon has one pair for displaying high principles, but in reality practice the lowest form of deceit,” said Blair would be quoted by Mandelson. Blair ‘to believe, sometimes, and told me that Gordon was mad, bad, dangerous and no escape, “he said.

Lord Mandelson also describes a meeting with Brown in connection with pension reform, which he considers “the most hated (meeting) that I ever had.” He says that Blair and told him in 2001 that Brown personally concerned, following a scandal. “Gordon wants you buried”, he argues that Blair warned. “I have no illusions. I could also relate to me, and I think it will do, if you have the opportunity,” it continued.

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