The Italians fear that they will be invaded by Gypsies expelled from France

France don’t need them, Romania is not good enough for them either. So that is a matter of time until the Gypsies will find another country in which to hide, thinks the Italian authorities. The Gypsies scandal in France moved further south, in Rome, where the authorities promise tougher measures against immigrants.

Allemano Giani announced that it will demolish the 200 nomadic camps around Rome

Many Gypsies who left France in the context of expulsions came to Rome, said the Italy mayor, Gianni Alemanno, warning that will be demolished over 200 nomadic camps.

Will be a hard life for the last arrivals, Gypsies expelled from France, which “already present in Italy, warned Gianni Alemanno. “The Illegal Mini-camps should not be the reason for the gypsies to come to Rome.” said Alemanno.

The Mayor announced that soon will be lifted all the 200 nomadic camps abusive built in Rome, including one in which the fire killed a Romanian child. In these camps live about 2350 people.

“The cars with French registration numbers will be stopped by security forces,” warned Alemanno. Alemanno has highlighted the need for a European strategy for Tackling Gypsies. “Next week, Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, will meet his French counterpart, and I will ask the EU to be submitted a plan to control flows of Gypsies and improve their conditions,” concluded Alemanno.

Monday morning, Gianni Alemanno has criticized the mass expulsion of Gypsies in France, saying that should only be expelled immigrants who commit crimes. “I oppose the massive expulsion of Gypsies and nomads, as happened in France, where it was much ado about nothing,” said Gianni Alemanno.

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