Middle-aged women are eager for sex

Results show that women aged between 27 and 45 years were sexually active as their fertility decreases.

Middle-aged women have sexual fantasies

Middle-aged women have sexual fantasies

Women aged 30-40 years are more willing to try a variety of sexual activities to make the most of his youth, according to a study.

Middle-aged women do not give back from a one-night stand and are adventurous in bed, research shows.

“Women do not think that has to reach sexual climax to 30 years,” says psychologist Judith Easton.

“The results show that there’s anything particularly related to the age of 30 years, but this behavior occurs in women whose fertility is declining,” said Easton. “It’s hard to conceive a child after 35 years, but research shows that women mentally will continue to try until menopause, completed specialist, according livescience.com.

Researchers have done tests on 827 women of which 661 had children.

Women were divided into three groups: increased fertility level (18-26 years), low fertility (27-45) and postmenopausal (over 46 years). Respondents answered a questionnaire about sexual behavior.

Unlike other groups, women with low fertility are willing to experiment with new sexual positions and toys, think of sex, have sexual fantasies more intense than most couples have a more active sex life than younger women, are willing to have sex the first night, they want to have sex occasionally.

Contrary to expectations, researchers found that regardless of low or high fertility women (excluding postmenopausal women) who were in a relationship, all the ladies have fantasies as their partner and with others.

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