Child pornography, downloaded at the Pentagon

Pentagon is concerned about this phenomenon because federal agents, some with access to “Top Secret” information, are blackmailed and this is a “security risks”.

The Pentagon is rocked by a scandal of child pornography

The U.S. federal agents have found that dozens of employees of the Pentagon, some of them having access to highly classified information, had downloaded thousands of child pornography pictures and movies, writes The Guardian.

A Pentagon spokesman announced that the MoD treats such cases very seriously, but gave no other information.

The Agents caught so that they downloaded pornographic images will be removed as they are becoming “security risks”, they can be blackmailed.

Investigation report is 50 pages, according to the same sources as the most flagrant case of an agent who downloaded 8400 pictures and 200 films, already condmant to five years in prison.

At least 30 cases were investigated, another example of targeting the one dealing with military spy satellites. He escaped with a secondment to an office in New Mexico.

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