Charles De Gualle Evacuated After Fears Roof Would Collapse

Charles De Gualle Evacuated

Charles De Gualle Evacuated

image provided by Betsy Weber (Flickr)

Charles De Gualle airport in Paris has been evacuated after fears that the roof may collapse due to heavy snow. More than a foot of snow has fallen on paris Friday, and the accumulation of that snow on the roof of the airport left authorities with no choice but to evacuate the terminal of more then 2,000 passengers.

The fears come after a morning of problems at the airport. 400 Flights were cancelled this morning, 200 departures and 200 arrivals. Airport authorities asked airlines to cancel flight after the airport realized it was running low on Orly, the chemical that is used to de-ice plane when they are on the ground.

The 2,000 evacuated passengers were moved to Terminal 2E or to other parts of the airport.

Charles De Gualle Roof Collapsed in 2004

The fears come due to a partial roof collapse in 2004 shortly after the state-of-the-art building was opened to the public. In that accident 4 people were killed.

Paris’ other major airport has not been effected by the snow or the delays and cancellations, because it is not running low on the de-icing chemical, French Officials say.

Charles De Gualle Airport is the second busiest airport in Europe after London’s Heathrow Airport.

Charles De Gualle not the Only Airport in Europe Affected

Airlines across Europe are struggling to get service back to normal after thousands of flights had to be cancelled across the continent last week due to heavy snow and ice. The cancellations left thousnads stranded and wondering if they were going to make it home in time for the upcoming holidays. This latest disturbance has forced some passangers to reconsider how they will get to their destinations, with some deciding not to fly all together and switch to trains, buses or other modes of transport to get them home by Christmas tomorrow.

Charles De Gualle officials will keep passengers updated they said.

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