Bombs Explode at Embassies in Rome

Bombs Explode At Embassies in Italy

Two bombs went off at embassies in the Italian capital today. The first exploded at the Swiss Embassy, and a short while later a second package bomb exploded at the Chilean Embassy.

Both bombs are being said to be package bombs and police have scoured the city and are surrounding other embassy and consulates to stop any more bombs from exploding., and make sure there are no more packages that could explode. A ‘suspicious’ package was found at the Ukrainian Embassy, but was later to determined to not be dangerous. Many countries with embassies in Rome, also have separate embassies in Vatican City. Police are making sure to cover everything.

No Claim of Responsibility for Bombs

So far there has been no claim of responsibility for the blasts, but bomb threats have also been called into the city hall there and another government building. No bombs have been found in those locations.

Student demonstrations in the country have caused some pretty major disruptions in past weeks, but for the most part, police say the demonstrations have been largely peaceful, but a demonstration in the past couple of days resulted in some minor injuries, but millions in damage to buildings, and some of the city’s infrastructure.

The 53 year old mailroom worker at the Swiss embassy was rushed to hospital after sustaining some major injuries to his hands, although he is expected to live, doctors are worried that he may lose one of his hands. There were no no other major injuries in the attack of the Swiss embassy, which also houses the private living space of the Swiss Ambassador and his family.

Swiss officials said there were no previous warning of the attacks.

Both Bombs Similar

Both the bomb at the Swiss Embassy and that at the Chilean embassy were both similar and contained the same explosive material.

Italian government officials expressed sympathy for the victims of the attacks, saying the hearts of Italians are with  “the Swiss ambassador and with all the staff at the Embassy. They were victims of violent act that we condemn.”

Italian Police are continuing to investigate the source of the bombs.

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