Bomb alert aboard a plane that made the route Canada – Pakistan

A Boeing 777, with 273 people on board, who made a voyage Canada-Pakistan, landed safely in Stockholm, where the crew was alerted that a passenger could carry explosives, reports Sky News.

Airplane Bomb Alert CanadaThe plane, which took off from Toronto and was destined for Karachi, was parked at the end of the runway, but Arlanda airport remained opened to traffic. Passengers were being evacuated.

The suspect is a Pakistani citizen with Canadian passport. The man was arrested. “We arrested the suspect. We’ll interrogate him.” Said a police spokesman. The suspect is of Pakistani origin.

Not yet found explosives on board and no one was hurt.

The alarm was given after a woman contacted the Canadian authorities of that country from a prepaid phone card from a man saying that the aircraft is carrying explosives.

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